Presidents Day

President's Day Songs

  • It's a Special Day
    (sung to: If you're happy and you know it)
    It's a very special day today,
    Yes sir! (Clap twice.)
    It's a very special day today,
    Yes sir! (Clap twice.)
    It's Presidents' Day,
    When we can shout and say,
    "Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, day!" (Clap twice.)

  • George Washington
    (Sung to "Yankee Doodle")

    One time there was a little boy
    Who had a little hatchet
    He looked and looked around to find
    A little tree to catch it

    At least he spied a cherry tree
    His father's pride and joy
    He chopped it down, right to the ground
    My! What a naughty boy!

    And then he heard an angry voice
    It sounded like a cymbal
    George knew he was in trouble great
    And he began to tremble
    Who cut this tree, my son did you?
    His father asked the question.
    Yes, it was I. I cannot lie.
    I cut it with my hatchet!

    Georgie, Georgie, no, no, no.
    Be careful what you do.
    Hatchets can be dangerous
    And you might get hurt too!

  • Presidents' Day
    ( sung to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee)
    Lincoln and Washington
    They are remembered on
    Presidents' Day.
    Two men in history
    Who gave us liberty.
    Honor their memories
    On this great day.

  • Lincoln Rap
    Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
    When you were a tiny babe.
    As a youth you told the truth
    And so they called you honest Abe.

    Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
    How you taught yourself the law.
    Every book around you took
    and read like no one ever saw.

    Abraham Lincoln, I"ve been thinkin
    Back to when you wrote the E-
    Mancipation Proclamation
    So the slaves could all be free.

    Abraham Lincoln, I've been thinkin
    How you bravely let the land.
    Once divided, Now united
    You made sure our house would stand.