Presidents Day

President's Day Crafts

  • Clean and dry milk cartons from school lunchroom. Staple top back together to form a peak for your cabin. Next cover all four sides with light brown construction paper using white school glue. Cut out two triangles to cover areas inset in the roof. Cut out a door and draw a square on another side. Glue small stick pretzels on all four sides. Glue a shiny penny with Lincoln facing out in the window square. Leave cut out door open. Don't cut door completely out. Measure to cut out a rectangle for the roof. You may glue it or staple the roof on and even add a chimney if you like.

  • Gather many sticks from outside and let the children glue them onto paper to make log cabins. The kids can get very creative with this. They can add saran wrap for windows or any other decorations.

  • Cherry Trees - Glue twigs on sheets of white construction paper to make trees. Let children attach small red circle sticker "cherries" or use finger prints dipped into red finger paints.

  • Three Cornered Hat - Cut three 12" X 3" strips of construction paper for each child. Let the children make three-cornered hats like the ones worn in George Washingtons Day. Have each child staple together the ends of the three strips of construction paper(making a triangle). Children can then wear their hats for their other activities.

  • George Washington Wigs - You will need: lunch-size paper bags packing peanuts (S shaped) cut out the side panel of paper bag, glue packing peanuts in rows on front and back panels. When dry they can wear them.

  • For President's Day art, you can do coin rubbings with pencils or crayons. Make simple presidential silhouettes on black paper to cut out, then mount on black paper.